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Low cost, flexible peer to peer car loans from RateSetter. Looking for Car Finance, try a P2P Loan.

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Car Loans
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Low cost car loans from RateSetter

7.8% *representative APR

Car Loans

Car loans

Hello and welcome to RateSetter, otherwise known as the home of one of the fastest growing peer to peer lending companies in the UK. RateSetter and its lenders have now created thousands of car loans for borrowers who wanted the best rates, giving far greater savings to our borrowers than they would be able to make elsewhere.

Lenders are able to loan money through RateSetter to borrowers who want a car loan. As a borrower, you can take full advantage of some of the lowest car loan rates on the market that you simply won’t find anywhere else.

To find out about our rates and to get your personalised car loan quote now, simply use our SmartQuote application.

Why are car loans cheaper than traditional loans?

As a borrower, you can take out a car loan with RateSetter at very competitive rates due to the fact that RateSetter is an online business and not a bank. RateSetter have lower overheads than banks and are able to pass this benefit onto borrowers in the form of low cost car loans.

If you're looking for a car loan, you’ve come to the right place. You can choose a car loan in order to fund the purchase of a new car, to pay for expensive repair bills or to help a family member who wants to buy their very own car. RateSetter offer small or large car , allowing those with good credit to borrow between £1,000 to £25,000.

How do I apply for car loan finance?

Applying for car loan finance with RateSetter takes no time at all, with it being possible to get your personal quote within minutes when using our SmartQuote. The quote you receive here will give you a breakdown of all our fees, rates and your monthly repayments, giving you all the information you’ll need to fund your new car with one of our lenders.

To apply online for a car loan, you will need to supply RateSetter with a few details which will allow them to conduct a soft credit search and they will provide you with an accurate quote.

If you are accepted, you can apply in full for the car loan which you have requested. This will take slightly longer but it is an easy process and the RateSetter customer services team are always on hand to help you make your online loan application so that the process doesn’t take longer than it should.

Can I lend money as well as take out a car loan?

Yes, absolutely. If you want a car loan but wish to be a lender as well, this is possible. Once you have received your SmartQuote simply log in and apply, by navigating to our lenders registration process.

If you want to engage with car lending, you will be able to take advantage of lending within four unique markets, each offering their own rate of return. The most popular of these markets is out Monthly Access market, offering circa 3.8% AER to all our of our lenders who opt for to lend through it.