Money Lending

Money lending with RateSetter is easy. Begin P2P lending today to get a better rate of return on your savings.

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Money Lending
How does peer to peer money lending work?
With us, you simply set the rate.
Money lending rates

Monthly Access

  • Fund 6-12 Month Loans
  • Access max 30 days
  • Repaid at Term
Last Matched Rate
2.2 % annualised

1 Year Bond

  • Fund 1-2 Year Loans
  • Access max 12 months
  • Repaid at Term
Last Matched Rate
3.9 % annualised

3 Year Income

  • Fund 3 Year Loans
  • Repaid in 36 monthly instalments
  • Choose a reinvestment plan
Last Matched Rate
4.7 % annualised

5 Year Income

  • Fund 4-5 Year Loans
  • Repaid in 48-60 monthly instalments
  • Choose a reinvestment plan
Last Matched Rate
6.2 % annualised

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Money lending on RateSetter, earn more

6.0% *5 Year Income market

Money Lending

Money lending

Welcome to RateSetter, the UK’s number one P2P money lending site, the best place to lend, save or borrow money at much better rates than the high street.

People have always kept their money with a bank - who make money lending these savings to borrowers, keeping the profits for themselves rather than sharing this with the individual whose savings were used to fund the loan. Now there is an alternative, a better way to save your money, putting your money back to work through money lending, giving a greater return on your savings than offered by the savings product you currently subscribe to.

How does peer to peer money lending work?

RateSetter is not a bank and we do not lend money out ourselves, instead, we allow money lending to individuals with your own savings, through our easy to use lending platform. Through this platform you can find borrowers who wish to borrow money from lenders like yourself. RateSetter works by pairing up borrowers and lenders, connecting savers with borrowers who are happy to borrow money at a rate you are happy to lend, making it simpler than ever before to begin money lending in a regulated environment.

When money lending with us you are firmly in the driving seat at all times, deciding on how much and at what rate to lend, giving you greater flexibility in your money lending with us than with anyone else.

With us, you simply set the rate. We do the rest.

Just as any high street bank would, we put all of our borrowers through extensive credit checks to ensure that they are suitable to borrow from one of our money lenders. Should they be approved, we then work with the borrower to complete all of the necessary paper work to get the loan finalised, so that you don’t have to. We do all of this behind the scenes for you, with our team of peer to peer lending specialists handling every aspect of this process on your behalf.

Here at RateSetter we have one of the lowest levels of default across the peer to peer industry, and in the unlikely event that someone does fail to make a payment, our unique Provision Fund is there to step in, helping to more effectively shield our money lenders from the risk of bad debt. We are unique in peer to peer that every Lender on RateSetter has received every penny of capital and interest that they have expected.

What rate of return can I expect on my money lending?

As a lender, you retain full control of the rates at which you lend money to our borrowers, however, typically, our 36 month loans return on average 7.0% and our rolling monthly loans return around 4.2%.

OK, so I want to start money lending through RateSetter. What next?

If you’re interested in money lending with RateSetter and would like to find out more about how you would go about creating a lender account with us simply get in touch. You can do this in a number of ways, but the simplest is to register via the "New to RateSetter" button at the top of the page. if you have any questions, you can always contact us by phone, email or indeed via the contact form provided on-site, where one of our representatives will be on hand to assist. We look forward to hearing from and welcoming you to the world of peer to peer money lending.