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P2P lending UK, lend money peer to peer in the UK via RateSetter. A better way to save, peer to peer.

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Monthly Access

  • Fund 6-12 Month Loans
  • Access max 30 days
  • Repaid at Term
Last Matched Rate
2.5 % annualised

1 Year Bond

  • Fund 1-2 Year Loans
  • Access max 12 months
  • Repaid at Term
Last Matched Rate
3.8 % annualised

3 Year Income

  • Fund 3 Year Loans
  • Repaid in 36 monthly instalments
  • Choose a reinvestment plan
Last Matched Rate
4.7 % annualised

5 Year Income

  • Fund 4-5 Year Loans
  • Repaid in 48-60 monthly instalments
  • Choose a reinvestment plan
Last Matched Rate
6.3 % annualised

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P2P lending UK, excellent rates for savers

6.0% *5 Year Income market

P2P Lending UK

P2P Lending UK

Welcome to RateSetter, the UK home of P2P lending in the UK, providing a fully-regulated environment for people to lend and borrow money from each other at better rates than most traditional loans.

P2P lending can be great for borrower and lender alike, and serves as a great means by which savers can better the rate of return that they are currently getting from their bank, putting their money to harder work. And here at RateSetter you’ll have more control over your money than most, with the ability to set rates, find borrowers and access a wealth of statistical data about both your loans and the wider P2P lending UK market place.

How does P2P lending in the UK work?

At RateSetter we’re not a bank. We don’t lend money ourselves, but rather, provide the system to allow borrowers and lenders to get together and lend to each other socially, through our industry leading P2P lending platform.

With us you are firmly in control the whole time, from start to finish, with our users deciding the rates they wish to borrow or lend at, giving them far more flexibility and freedom in their loans than is available anywhere else. This freedom, along with the far better rates available with us than with a bank, is what makes P2P lending in the UK so popular and why so many choose RateSetter over other peer to peer finance sites.

All you do is choose the amount and set the rates.

At RateSetter our back office staff take care of everything needed to get your loans finalised, with all the paper work, credit checks, and other administrative elements of your loans, being completed by them on your behalf. This makes P2P lending in the UK extremely easy, with you simply needing to login, set your rates and start lending or borrowing socially today.

And it’s not only the ease of our system that we’re proud of, we also boast one of the lowest rates of default in the P2P lending UK industry, which, along with our industry-unique Provision Fund, shields you and your all important savings from the risk of bad debt.

What rates can I expect from P2P lending UK?

With us you have full control over your rates and can change or adjust these at any time. However, and to give you a better idea of the sorts of returns you can expect from P2P lending UK, we find that on average our 36 month loans yield a return of 7.0% AER and our monthly rolling loans an average return of 4.2% AER.

OK, so I want to start P2P lending. What next?

If you like what you see and want to find out more about P2P lending in the UK then get in touch to speak to one of our peer to peer lending specialists today. You can do so in a number of ways, by phone, email or via the contact form provided on site. Alternatively you can simply register via the "New to RateSetter?" link at the top of this page. We can help answer any questions you may have about us, our system or peer to peer lending in general, before opening an account with us, giving you all the information you need.