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P2P Loans
How do P2P loans work?
You choose the rates. We do the rest.
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Low cost P2P loans from RateSetter

7.8% *representative APR

P2P Loans

Welcome to RateSetter, a leading UK P2P loans site that works to bring lenders and borrowers together, allowing them to lend their own money direct, creating a better way to save or borrow, P2P.

Most of us have, and still, traditionally kept our savings with our bank, who then lend your savings to their customers, reaping the profits from these transactions at our expense, but now, there is another way. P2P loans enable you, as an individual, to benefit from your savings in this way, by lending them directly to borrowers, rather than through a bank.

Here are the types of loans RateSetter offer:

How do P2P loans work?

RateSetter is not a bank, and we do not lend money to any borrowers ourselves, instead, providing lenders and borrowers with a platform in which they can take out and provide P2P loans to each other. This platform gives both lenders and borrowers far greater freedom than they would otherwise get from their own bank, all within a fully regulated peer to peer borrowing environment.

With RateSetter, you choose the rates. We do the rest.

Just as a bank would, we carry out a number of checks to ensure the suitability of all of our lenders and borrowers before permitting them to use our system, helping to both simplifier the process and reduce risk for our lenders. Along with these checks, we also take care of all of the necessary paper work needed to start out with P2P loans, so that you don’t have to, making it easier than ever before to get a better return on your savings with minimal fuss. At RateSetter we have amongst the lowest levels of default found throughout the P2P loans industry, but if for some reason one of our borrowers fails to make a payment on time for their P2P loans we are able to protect you with our unique provision fund, helping to reduce the risk of bad debt.

What rate can I expect from P2P loans?

At RateSetter, the rates are exclusively offered by lenders directly, with our team of P2P loan experts working to pair your offer with one of our appropriate creditworthy borrowers who is happy to borrow at that rate. This is all done through our marketplace, which once you become a part of RateSetter, you will have access to. Typically, over a 36 month P2P loan, our lenders will see a rate of return of approximately 7.9% and around 3.8% on our rolling P2P loan product. P2P loans are not new, but RateSetter's unique take on P2P Lending is, with nobody working as hard as we do to ensure that our lenders and borrowers are paired as best they can be, resulting in lower rates of default and better rates across the board. It is this method of working that makes RateSetter a better and faster way to save. To learn more about P2P loans, and how RateSetter can help you, simply get in touch, either by phone, email or through the form found on our site, where one of our representatives will be on-hand to assist.