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Focussing our commercial finance proposition on secured lending

By John Battersby

Following a review of our commercial finance proposition, we are simplifying our range of commercial lending products to focus on property-backed and asset-backed lending.


This is the latest step in a series of simplifications including focusing on retail investment, retiring the 3-year investment market and discontinuing wholesale lending.

This simplification means that our commercial finance offer will no longer include unsecured business finance.  Our commercial finance product range is now as follows:

  • Property-backed:

    • Development loans

    • Investment loans

  • Asset-backed:

    • Business Hire Purchase

From today, RateSetter will stop accepting new unsecured business loan applications. We will process all existing unsecured business loan applications and approvals. Our unsecured business finance lending is performing in line with our expectations, and active unsecured business loans will continue to repay in line with their schedule.


Does this impact my investment with RateSetter?

No.  We believe that there is no material impact from this decision for RateSetter investors, the Provision Fund, nor the risk associated with investing with RateSetter. 

RateSetter will continue to maintain a diversified proposition across consumer, business and motor finance markets. However, our commercial finance offer will no longer include unsecured business finance. 

We will continue to grow our overall lending volumes and to provide investors with access to returns from a diversified pool of borrowers, all with Provision Fund protection.