INVESTigate: Why aren’t more women investing?

By Luke OMahony

This event marks the first in a series of “INVESTigate” events hosted by RateSetter exploring key issues and trends in the world of finance. We explored the reasons why more women aren‘t investing, what impact this has on their finances and what can be done to encourage greater involvement and engagement. 



Our Panel

The discussion was chaired by MoneyWeek Editor in Chief, Merryn Somerset Webb who was joined by a panel of experts drawn from industry, academia and regulation.

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Merryn Somerset Webb

Editor in Chief, MoneyWeek

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Merryn is Editor-in-Chief of MoneyWeek, the best-selling financial magazine ion the UK, and a respected commentator on economics, financial markets and personal finance. 
A regular TV and radio commentator Merryn contributes to publications such as the Spectator and Prospect and is also the author of a sharp and witty women‘s guide to personal finance: “Love is Not Enough: The Smart Woman‘s Guide to Making (and Keeping) Money”.

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Mick McAteer

Financial Services Expert

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Mick is founder and co-Director of The Financial Inclusion Centre, a UK not-for-profit research group, and chairs the European Commission’s Financial Services User Group. He was a board member of the Financial Conduct Authority/Financial Services Authority for six years until the end of 2015. Previously, Mick was Principal Policy Adviser at Which? and prior to that, he worked for two major fund management firms in London. He has also held a number of senior board and committee positions in UK and European organisations.

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Katie Evans

Economist, SMF


Katie is an Economist at the Social Market Foundation. Her research interests include financial services, competition in consumer markets and innovation. Katie‘s recent publications include research on physical and online financial services, competition in the current account market, pensions and household savings. Before joining the SMF in 2014, Katie worked at the Centre for Economics and Business Research, where she led the global economics team.

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Professor Josephine Maltby

Prof. of Accounting and Financial Management


Josephine is a chartered accountant. She was a senior manager with Ernst & Young, working principally in audit, until 1987, when she became a lecturer in Accounting at the University of Sheffield. In 2008 she took a chair in Accounting and Finance at the University of York and returned to Sheffield in 2014. Her research interests include financial reporting, governance and audit; savings banks; charity and financialisation; and narrative reporting. Josephine has also published several papers on the topic of gender and investment.

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Lucy Bott

Head of Customer Operations, RateSetter


Lucy joined RateSetter in February 2012 as the first member of our award-winning Customer Services team. Since then, Lucy has gradually built a team of dedicated, hard working Customer Services representatives, and is now Head of Customer Operations. Her job requires her to work closely with all RateSetter departments, so she knows all our operations inside-out. Before joining RateSetter Lucy worked at a number of other fast paced London start-ups.

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Rhydian Lewis

RateSetter CEO and co-founder

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Rhydian co-founded RateSetter in 2010 having witnessed the continued failure of the financial system to act in the interests of customers. He saw an opportunity to disrupt the savings market and deliver greater value in a simple way. Rhydian has pioneered many ‘firsts’ that have subsequently become the norm in marketplace lending, such as the Provision Fund concept. RateSetter’s Provision Fund has ensured that after lending more than £1bn over five years, no individual RateSetter investor has lost a penny. Prior to founding RateSetter, Rhydian spent six years at investment management firm Lazard and before that he worked at Betfair, the world‘s largest internet betting exchange.

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