RateSetter passes £2.5 billion lending milestone

By John Battersby

RateSetter investors have now lent more than £2.5 billion to creditworthy individuals and businesses across the UK.

This latest milestone comes just days after we passed the figure of £100 million interest delivered to investors, without any individual investor losing a penny.


More than 500,000 people have invested or borrowed with RateSetter: 65,000 people have RateSetter investment accounts, and the number continues to grow; RateSetter investors have provided £2.5 billion of finance to more than 460,000 borrowers, with more than £1.55 billion lent to individuals and almost £950 million lent to businesses.


Peter Behrens, RateSetter’s Chief Lending Officer, said:


“We’re very proud that we’ve helped more than half a million investors and borrowers access better interest rates on the £2.5 billion of lending that has been delivered through the RateSetter platform.

Reaching this milestone shows how deep and broad our marketplace has become in space of just eight years, and we look forward with great excitement to helping even more people access investment in loans as we work towards the next £2.5 billion of lending.”