What’s that coming over the hill...

By Luke O'Mahony

Is it a monster? No, it is a RateSetter staffer highlighting the platform’s Provision Fund.

We took to the streets of the capital to raise the issue of saver protection and promote our unrivaled 100% record. Although it's no guarantee for the future, it's a record that speaks for itself.

Astonished onlookers witnessed a man clothed in bubble wrap rolling down stairs and facing a series of perilous challenges. The stunt highlighted that, whilst our Provision Fund can’t protect you from everyday life, it does protect your money!

Here are a few snaps from the day:

 Bubble wrap man gets a slap.



Bubble wrap man on the Millennium Bridge.



Bubble wrap man on the floor - he's still alive though!



Bubble wrap man gets his head stuck in the telephone box.



Bubble wrap man gets stuck in the tube.



Bubble wrap man wedged between two white vans.

 Our aim is to now ensure that our 100% record continues!

Did you like the stunt?

Leave us a comment below. What can we do next to raise awareness that not one of our savers has lost money?



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