By Martin Klass
November 18, 2016

Protecting yourself against fraud

Financial Fraud Action UK (whose members include banks, credit debit and charge card issuers, and card payment acquirers in the UK) recently released their latest fraud figures for January to June 2016, and they highlight a troubling trend: the value of financial fraud rose to £399.5m for that six month period.

By Luke OMahony
November 11, 2016

RateSetter funds 40,000 car purchases

Buying a car is the number one reason for taking out a RateSetter personal loan. RateSetter investors have helped to fund more than 40,000 car purchases around the UK, worth a total of £250m. In addition, they’ve provided over £100m of car finance via car dealerships and brokers.

By RS notices
November 3, 2016

Responding to feedback on Provision Fund flexibility

We are proud of our track record that every RateSetter investor has received every penny of capital and interest that they expected. The Provision Fund is at the heart of this, acting as a buffer against missed payments and bad debt, and we manage the Provision Fund with the aim of maintaining this perfect performance into the future.

By Matthew Howard
October 26, 2016

Guest article: 3 ways to lower lending risks

In this guest post, Matthew Howard, researcher at 4thWay, the P2P lending ratings agency, shows how to drastically reduce your risk of losses by following his three simple rules.

By Luke OMahony
October 21, 2016

Where we get our financial advice

Financial decisions are some of the most important choices that we make. A great financial decision could easily save you tens of thousands of pounds, help you to retire early or pay less tax, and of course the wrong decision could do the opposite.

By Luke OMahony
October 14, 2016

LendIt highlights

LendIt Europe is one of the largest conferences for the peer-to-peer lending industry, and this year’s London event attracted some interesting speakers.