By Scott Murphy
September 23, 2015

100 days until reduction in deposit protection for savings

As the countdown begins on changes to the Financial Services Compensation Scheme we take a look at what the changes mean for you and what you can do about it…

By Luke O'Mahony
September 17, 2015

P2P lending and annuities compared

Annuities were created to deal with the risk of people outliving their retirement funds. The problem that they solve is that people don’t know how long their retirement will last, so when planning for retirement, should they put away enough for 5 years or 35?

By Alexandra Dobson
September 10, 2015

RateSetter 2015 lender drinks

As an online business we’ve always been conscious that the opportunities for face-to-face engagement with our customers are inevitably limited. We therefore hold investor events to meet you in person and find out how we can better serve you.

By RateSetter Notices
September 2, 2015

Improving the accuracy of the Provision Fund coverage ratio

We aim to be as open as possible about how our market works and any relevant changes, subject to protecting commercial sensitivities.

By Luke O'Mahony
August 28, 2015

RateSetter's top five finance movies

Very few people read the financial pages for fun, but the world of finance has made for some fantastic films. High stakes, larger than life characters and some very blurred lines all help, and here are our office top picks.

By Luke O'Mahony
August 20, 2015

How Einstein’s advice can double your money every twelve years

Compound interest, according to Albert Einstein, is “the most powerful force in the universe”. The Motley Fool calls it a “miracle”. It has the potential to significantly increase the size of your investments without you having to lift a finger.