By Luke O'Mahony
June 24, 2015

What a Grexit would mean for RateSetter investors

The economic and financial crisis in Greece has been reported on extensively in the media recently. Several investors have contacted us to ask whether their RateSetter loans would be affected if Greece were to default and leave the euro – what some people are calling a “Grexit”.

By Scott Murphy
June 18, 2015

No return from safe deposits

RateSetter’s Rhydian Lewis updates MPs on the peer-to-peer industry

By JP Seaman
June 12, 2015

RateSetter wins top award for customer service

RateSetter has been voted the UK’s most trusted P2P platform for investors in the 2015 Moneywise awards, with a table-topping 4.51 stars out of a possible 5.

By Scott Murphy
June 11, 2015

Osborne forecasts strong British fintech industry

Britain forged anew in the white heat of the Fintech Revolution

By Luke O'Mahony
June 5, 2015

What deflation means for RateSetter investors

We all like to recall the times when the prices of various goods were much lower than they are today. The prices of beer, petrol, holidays, 3-bed semis and pretty much anything else you care to mention have all increased each year for as long as anyone can remember.

By Lucy Bott
May 22, 2015

What happens when we check your credit score

Anyone who lends you money – whether that be RateSetter, a bank or your best friend – will do some sort of credit check, sometimes without even thinking about it.