By Luke O'Mahony
August 20, 2015

How Einstein’s advice can double your money every twelve years

Compound interest, according to Albert Einstein, is “the most powerful force in the universe”. The Motley Fool calls it a “miracle”. It has the potential to significantly increase the size of your investments without you having to lift a finger.

By Alexandra Dobson
August 17, 2015

Win an Apple iPad mini

A quick heads up: this August, we’re giving away an Apple iPad mini to one lucky winner – meaning you’ll be able to manage your RateSetter investments wherever you are.

By Luke O'Mahony
August 14, 2015

Peer-to-peer lending and crowdfunding

We’re often asked how crowdfunding differs from peer-to-peer lending, as the two are often mentioned together. Crowdfunding, like peer-to-peer lending, is at the cutting edge of innovation in finance, but the two are fundamentally different in terms of risk and rewards.

By Luke O'Mahony
August 7, 2015

Don't bank on a rise in the base rate

In today’s City AM, we argue that an increase in the base rate – the rate at which banks lend to each other, which is set each month by a committee of nine experts – might not be the answer to savers’ prayers.

By Luke O'Mahony
July 30, 2015

RateSetter on the radio

You may have heard RateSetter on the radio in the last couple of weeks.

By Luke O'Mahony
July 23, 2015

RateSetter lends £250m in 2015

Last week was a big one for us, as we passed three big milestones.