By Scott Murphy
May 15, 2015

Life after Pensioner Bonds

As the deadline for Pensioner Bonds passes, we look at how retirees’ investment options are changing

By Scott Murphy
May 8, 2015

What does the General Election outcome mean for the P2P industry?

The 2015 General Election has been described as the most important for a generation. As the dust settles, we take a look back at the past five years and what the future may hold for the peer-to-peer industry.

By Luke O'Mahony
May 6, 2015

City fund managers back RateSetter

In March, we announced that a group of investors, including two well-known fund managers, are injecting a total of £20m into the RateSetter platform.

By Luke O'Mahony
April 9, 2015

RateSetters fund the future of arts and culture

RateSetter is the first peer-to-peer platform to partner with Creative Industry Finance and empower the UK arts scene.

By Ceri Williams
April 8, 2015

The peer-to-peer pension revolution

Big news for pensioners as SIPPs open their doors to RateSetter

By Scott Murphy
March 31, 2015

Budget outlines bright future for tax-free peer-to-peer loans

Peer-to-peer lenders set to benefit after raft of changes make investing even more rewarding…