Performance statistics update

Today we have added further detail to our Performance by year statistics.

A new set of fields on the Performance by year table means that investors can now view the amount lent by year, broken down by type of lending.

We have also clarified something in our Performance statistics which is the fact that RateSetter, as a company, has stepped in to support a company that borrowed through the RateSetter market.

The detail is the following note which we have added to the table:

“In an exceptional case where a loan was made to a company that subsequently went into financial difficulty, RateSetter has taken part of the loan onto its own balance sheet and has agreed to give the company further direct financial support so that it can continue to trade and repay its debts. We did this because the loan was outside RateSetter’s credit policy and we believe that it is appropriate, in this specific case, to stand in front of our lenders. The performance figures in this table reflect actions that RateSetter has taken in this case.”