What we offer

Quick decision, experienced team and competitive rate

RateSetter will directly pay the acting law firm and only require repayment upon settlement of the proceedings.

Key features

  • Eligibility checks without impacting applicant’s credit score
  • No monthly repayments – capital and interest payable in full upon settlement of your case
  • Repayment directly to RateSetter by your solicitor from your settlement amount
  • 14.9% APR with no additional fees
  • Decisions made within 3 working days
  • Payments made to law firm next working day

Simplified solutions 


Family proceedings can be a long process and this can make paying legal fees upfront difficult. Some people may also have their weatlh tied up in assets central to the divorce proceedings. 


Approval decisions will be provided within 3 working days. To confirm a client's eligibility, RateSetter will initially carry out a 'soft search' so that the client’s credit record is not impacted. 

Need help?

If you are a law firm wishing to supply Family Finance loans or applicant wanting further information, please contact our Family Finance relationship team on [email protected] or call 020 3176 7181.