Boost Your Returns. Earn Up To 5.0%*

PLUS: New investor offer: £100 bonus when you invest £1,000 or more for a year. Promotional Ts & Cs apply.


Smiley faceInvest in a portfolio of loans to businesses, property developers and individuals.

Smiley faceProvision Fund protection - a buffer against poorly performing loans.

Smiley faceTax-Free Earnings - Invest through the RateSetter IF ISA tax-free ‘wrapper’.

Capital at risk. Instant access not guaranteed. No FSCS protection.

*5.0% annualised rate is the 3 month average on the 5 year market on the 3rd April 2018.

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The RateSetter Innovative Finance ISA (IF ISA)

The RateSetter IF ISA offers all the advantages of our Everyday Account in a tax-free wrapper. You’ll still benefit from the same Provision Fund, interest rates, markets and borrowers plus you’ll be earning gross returns.


Flexible ISA: You can withdraw and replace funds in the same tax year.

A Balanced Portfolio: You can invest in the RateSetter Innovative Finance ISA alongside another ISA.

Protection: Provision Fund protects investors by providing a buffer from poorly performing loans.

Investment terms to suit you: Invest in our Rolling, 1 year and 5 year market.

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