Get a Great Return on Your Business Cash

Whether your business is looking for a home for surplus cash or you are disappointed with the interest rates offered elsewhere, RateSetter can help. Over 1,000 companies invest their surplus cash with RateSetter.

Capital at risk. Instant access not guaranteed. No FSCS protection.

Put your business cash to work without losing access

Investments in our Rolling market earn annualised returns of 3.6% with interest paid each month and no fees to withdraw money. To date, every investor has been able to access his or her money within a day, although that’s not a guarantee for the future: for more information on this, click here.

If you invest in our 1 year or 5 year markets, you can access your money early for a transfer fee with our 'Release your Investment' option.

What are the rates?

Can my company invest with RateSetter?

Yes. The RateSetter market is open to all. Individuals, businesses, investment funds, charities, livery companies and even banks are amongst those investing through RateSetter, all at the same rates.

Companies invest on to the platform in the same way as consumers and enjoy the same interest rates and other features including Provision Fund protection.

As a company you can open a business account with RateSetter and gain access to our 3 markets offering investors rates of return from 3.6% - 6.2% depending on term.

The most popular is our Rolling market, offering investors an annualised rate of return of 3.6%.

What is the risk with investing company money at RateSetter?

Lending money inherently carries the risk of the borrower defaulting. Fortunately RateSetter’s Provision Fund has ensured not one business investor has ever lost a single penny. Although this is not a guaranteed protection scheme, it is a track record we are proud of. 

For more details on how the Provision Fund works to protect investors, please click here.

Case study: Loughborough Endowed Schools

“I’m delighted I’m able to make the school’s surplus funds work harder”- Richard Harker, Foundation Accountant at Loughborough Endowed Schools

Independent Schools are very risk averse when it comes to selecting where they invest their funds. After an initial consultation with Richard Harker, Foundation Accountant at Loughborough Endowed Schools, RateSetter was proposed to the school’s Board of Governors. On inspection of how RateSetter manage risk using the Provision Fund and understanding what happens if default rates start to rise, the Governing Body were satisfied that RateSetter was a prudent investment.

Richard says: “Although peer-to-peer lending is a relatively new area, RateSetter’s risk management through their Provision Fund gives me the confidence to invest in this type of instrument. It is a great alternative to traditional money markets by earning a yield well in excess of that earned by those markets.”

If you would like to speak to an existing business customer as an independent reference, please email [email protected].

How do I set up a company account at RateSetter?

  1. Complete the registration form

  2. At Stage 2 of the registration, check the checkbox that signifies you are a company (at the bottom of the form)

  3. Submit your registration and expect a call from our Customer Service team to verify your Director(s) details