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  • Earn better returns through peer to peer lending 
  • You’re protected by the RateSetter Provision Fund, our buffer against poorly performing loans, with a 100% track record since 2010
  • Minimum £10 deposit. Terms apply

FCA authorised and regulated

700,000 investors and borrowers

Over £3.5 billion invested since 2010

£0 capital and interest lost

FCA authorised and regulated

700,000 investors and borrowers

Over £3.5 billion invested since 2010

£0 capital and interest lost


Why investors choose RateSetter

Great returns, more stability 

At RateSetter you can earn interest every month – with returns that are higher than most savings accounts and more stable than stocks and shares.   Learn more

100% track record 

Since launching in 2010, over £3.5bn has been invested with RateSetter and every investor has earned exactly what they expected. This is made possible by our Provision Fund.  Learn more

Easy to withdraw

We make withdrawing easy. Of course, instant access is not guaranteed but to date investors have released their investment within 24 hours on average.  Learn more




Annualised rate


No fee to release your investment



Annualised rate


Release fee: 30 days of interest



Annualised rate


Release fee: 90 days of interest

Better value for everyone

We believe, it’s your money so it makes sense that you get the best value from it. By connecting people who have money to invest with those who want to borrow it, everyone gets a better deal. It’s as simple as that.


You can earn more by investing into a portfolio of loans to creditworthy households and businesses.

and businesses

Get a flexible loan at competitive rates, with a simple application that does not affect your credit score.


Protecting our customers makes sense

We are committed to being the UK’s safest and most liquid peer-to-peer platform because we never forget that we’re looking after your money. Since 2010, every investor has received every penny that they expected. This is thanks to our Provision Fund that enables individual investments to benefit from the stability of whole portfolio.

Step out of the dark ages.

Invest tax-free with our IF ISA.

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What are the risks?

Capital at risk

As with any investment, your capital is at risk and the value of your investment may go up or down in value.

No FSCS protection

We can’t guarantee against future losses and we’re not part of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

And finally...

Our results to date are pretty awesome but we have to remind you that past performance is not an indicator of future results.

Protecting your investment

The RateSetter Provision Fund

Investments with RateSetter are protected by the Provision Fund which provides a buffer against poorly-performing loans. The Provision Fund reimburses investors if a borrower misses a payment. All borrowers pay a contribution to the provision fund, determined by their credit worthiness. A greater risk requires a higher contribution. If a borrower defaults, the Provision Fund takes over the loan, repaying any outstanding capital to RateSetter investors. While the Provision Fund has a 100% track record, it does not provide a guarantee.  Learn more.

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Customer testimonials

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