Accessing your money



Please note: the investment side of RateSetter closed on 2nd April 2021.
 All money was returned to investors’ Holding accounts from 2 April to 6 April, with no investment release fees applied.

How do I access my money?

  • When your money is invested in RateSetter it becomes a loan to borrowers who will make repayments to you, including interest. These repayments are reinvested so that your money is constantly earning.
  • When you want to access your money, you can release your investment but there may be a fee and instant access is not guaranteed. 

How is my investment released?

Investors are matched with borrowers in our live market

Every day money comes onto the RateSetter platform – investors make investments and borrowers make repayments. This money automatically goes into a queue to get matched with new loans as well as existing loans of investors who wish to release their investment.

Is early access guaranteed?

Early access to your money is not guaranteed. If there are no other funds immediately available in the market, you may have to wait a little longer. In an extreme scenario you may have to wait for borrower repayments. During this time, your money will still be earning interest.

Yes, there may be fees to pay

Although there are no fees to release funds from our Access product, please check below if you are invested in the Plus and Max products.


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