RateSetter statistics.

This page is updated in the last week of each month with data correct as of the start of that month.

Latest update: October 2019.

RateSetter to date in figures

Key figures


Investor returns 

The graph below shows estimated annual returns by year of investment versus actual annual returns. When these numbers are the same, the Provision Fund has covered any bad debt. 

Lending volume

The graph below shows how much has been lent through RateSetter and how much is still left to repay.

The Provision Fund 


Provision Fund cash
Borrower contributions to the Provision Fund received to date, minus losses to date.

Expected Future Provision Fund Inflows
Borrower contributions to the Provision Fund due over the lifetime of active loans, discounted to reflect early payments and losses.

Provision Fund Buffer
Contributions already received, plus Expected Future Provision Fund Inflows.

Expected Future Investor Interest
Interest payments from borrowers to investors expected to be received over the lifetime of active loans, discounted for early payments and losses.

Expected Future Losses
Expected future losses on active loans covered by the Provision Fund.

Capital Buffer
Provision Fund buffer, plus expected future interest.


Monthly_charts_DT (1).png

How expected losses are calculated and validated 

The expected losses are estimated based on quantitative analysis of actual loss data.

  • Quarterly review: Expected losses on active loans are recalculated by our risk assessment experts every three months. The expected losses are estimated based on quantitative analysis of historical lending using industry standard techniques. For recent lending, we look at early arrears data to inform the decision around lifetime expected losses.
  • Expected Loss Committee: Expected losses figures are signed-off at RateSetter’s Expected Loss Committee, which comprises the CEO, CFO, Head of Credit and Head of Commercial Credit Risk, before any updates are made to the official figures quoted on the website.
  • Board Risk Committee: The Board Risk Committee is responsible for signing off the methodology used in arriving at an expected losses calculation.


The Provision Fund risk indicator

Loss rates on Provision Fund covered loans

Your returns are impacted by what percentage of loans are not repaid by borrowers and how close this is to our initial estimates. We revise our estimates on a quarterly basis to reflect recent repayments performance and the general economic state of the economy.


Provision Fund usage

Capital at risk. No FSCS protection. Past performance is not an indicator of future results.

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