RateSetter Fees


We understand that as an investor, your plans can change and you may need early access to the money you have invested with RateSetter. Over £350 million has been accessed early using the RateSetter transfer function.

RateSetter investors can access their money as borrowers repay capital and interest in line with their agreed schedule. However, sometimes plans can change and they need to obtain early access to money matched to loans. Recognising this, our long-standing principle is that a lender can exit from any market, provided other investors are available to take their place on the loan contracts.

If you invest in our Rolling Market there are no fees to withdraw your funds. There is a straightforward fee to transfer your loans to an available lender in the other markets.



Transfer Fee

(% of capital being withdrawn)



1 year


3 year


5 year



We will continue to calculate and display fees before a lender confirms they would like to proceed with their transfer request. The minimum amount that can be transferred out will remain at £10.