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Peer to Peer Finance
So how does peer to peer finance work?
You choose the rates. We do the rest.
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Flexible peer to peer finance from RateSetter

7.8% *representative APR

Peer to Peer Finance

Hello and welcome to the home of RateSetter, one of the UK’s leading peer to peer lending websites, providing lenders and borrowers from around the country the opportunity to come together through our platform to find a better way to save and borrow, peer to peer. The vast majority of us have always, and still, keep our savings with our bank, which profits from P2P loans made to their customers using our money, and at our expense. Now there is another way, where we can take control back from our bank and engage in peer to peer finance ourselves, keeping the interest made as a result of the P2P loans we offer, without giving all of our returns over to banks.

So how does peer to peer finance work?

Peer to peer finance makes it possible for ordinary savers to become lenders, utilising the marketplace that we provide to better locate appropriate, credit-worthy borrowers. RateSetter is not a bank, and does not lend money itself: instead, RateSetter provides the platform, guidance and industry know-how to help you get lending yourself, profiting from your loans, and getting your savings working harder for you than your bank would. With RateSetter, you always remain in full control of your savings and the loans you have made, deciding directly on the rates you would be happy to lend at. Once you have signed up to our peer to peer finance platform, activate your account and offer the rate you would like to lend at, we will then work to pair you up with borrowers who are happy with this rate, making it far quicker and easier to lend with us than with other peer to peer finance sites.

With RateSetter, you alone choose the rates and we do the rest

Although RateSetter is not a bank, we still carry out the same level of credit checks and assessment that a bank would for each of our prospective borrowers, ensuring that you only lend to credit worthy individuals through our peer to peer finance service, working to significantly reduce risk of default. Furthermore, RateSetter have some of the lowest levels of default across the peer to peer finance industry, giving you that much needed peace of mind when using your savings to profit from P2P lending. Additionally, we also offer our Provision Fund, a pot which helps shield and protect you from the risk of bad debt.

What rate can I earn with peer to peer finance?

All of the rates offered through RateSetter are offered by, and set, exclusively by our lenders, all we do is work to pair your offer with a borrower who would be happy to pay your rate on their P2P loan. This being said, on average our lenders earn a rate of return of approximately 7.9% on our 36 month loans, and as much as 3.8% on our monthly rolling loans. Peer to peer finance isn't new, but the way in which RateSetter work is. Our service, and the matching process we offer, makes our platform a far more intuitive, and efficient means of locating reputable borrowers, making peer to peer finance must quicker and easier than ever before. If you would like to learn more about peer to peer finance, how we work and how we can get your money working hardy, simply give us a call and one of our team of representatives will give you all of the help you will need to get started with peer to peer finance.