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New investor offer: £100 bonus when you invest £1,000+. Terms apply.


Your Money Could Do Better,

Invest It With RateSetter.

Access better returns through peer-to-peer lending.

Easy - you simply choose how much to invest from £10 and the level of access you require.

Balanced – a diversified portfolio of loans.

Provision Fund protection - a buffer against poorly performing loans.

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Capital at risk. No FSCS protection. Instant access not guaranteed. 

*Better returns statement based on 3 month average for 5 Year Market of 5.4% at 1st August 2018 versus a 1.26% Interest rate of UK monetary financial institutions sterling two year fixed rate cash ISA. Source: Bank of England 30th June 2018.

Current rates

Investing with us

The Everyday Account


  • Earn returns of up to 5.4%* by investing in a balanced portfolio of loans to individuals and businesses.

  • The Provision Fund provides a buffer against any poorly performing loans. Its 100% track record is market leading but doesn’t provide a guarantee.

  • 3 levels of access so you can choose the best fit for your needs and goals.

  • Your money can be put to work and earning within minutes.

The RateSetter IF ISA


  • All the benefits of the Everyday Account.

  • Returns are tax-free.

  • Transfer in ISAs from other providers to increase your returns.

  • Flexibility to withdraw and replace funds in the same tax year without affecting your ISA allowance.

How we look after your money


The key risk to our investors is increased borrower default rates. We seek to mitigate this risk through:

Underwriting excellence: Robust and thorough credit checks on all borrowers. We take a careful approach to lending and only lend to creditworthy borrowers.

Portfolio management: Lending is diversified across different borrower types and sectors.

The Provision Fund: Provides a buffer against poorly performing loans. The Provision Fund has a 100% track record, with every RateSetter investor receiving back every penny they expected, but this does not provide a guarantee.

It's easy to put your money to work