RateSetter savings partners

RateSetter savings are available exclusively through our savings partners

We’ve partnered exclusively with several providers to offer RateSetter savings products to their members, allowing them to benefit from our rates and Financial Services Compensation Scheme coverage (FSCS). These accounts are opened and managed through the platform provided by these partners and not RateSetter.


Who are our savings partners?

Our savings partners are providers of intermediary services who sit between savings account providers, such as RateSetter, and retail customers. They keep customers informed of changes to the savings rates available in the market and offer a convenient platform allowing customers to spread deposits across different banks and building societies. These deposits are held in trust in the name of the savings partner, and are held by RateSetter.

Questions about the products or savings partner?

If you have any: 

  • queries;
  • questions (e.g. if you need information on opening and managing these saving accounts);
  • issues; or
  • complaints

about the savings products or the savings partner, please contact your relevant provider directly. Unfortunately, the RateSetter team will be unable to help you.

Is my Deposit safe?

RateSetter is a trading name of Metro Bank PLC.

Deposits are held by Metro Bank PLC and are protected under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) up to the relevant limits.

You can contact your savings partner who will provide you with an FSCS information sheet which includes this information.

For more information, you can also visit www.FSCS.org.uk.