The UK's most popular peer to peer investment platform.

FCA authorised and regulated

650,000 investors and borrowers

Operating since 2010

Over £3.4 billion invested to date

FCA authorised and regulated

650,000 investors and borrowers

Operating since 2010

Over £3.4 billion invested to date

Reasons to choose RateSetter

Banks make money by lending your money to borrowers. It’s an established system that keeps your money safe but doesn't necessarily offer good value to customers.

We believe that your money should be working harder for you, not for someone else.

In 2010, we founded RateSetter on that principle. We created our peer-to-peer investments platform and began connecting those who have money to invest with those who want to borrow it, providing better value to everyone. It’s as simple as that.

We’re not a replacement for your bank, and we don’t pretend to offer the lounge service or marble foyer that you may experience elsewhere. We exist for people who want rewarding investments. Or a competitive loan.

We are committed to being the UK’s safest and most liquid peer-to-peer platform. Perhaps that’s why we are also the UK’s most popular.


Exceptional investor returns

Investors earn interest every month, with returns that are higher than savings and more stable than stocks and shares. Learn more.

Stable investment class

As with all investments, scale and diversification is important. At RateSetter, investors are matched with individual borrowers but the stability of investor returns is based on the performance of the entire £850 million portfolio.

100% track record 

100% track record over £3 billion and 8 years of ensuring that every investor has made a positive return on their money. This is made possible with our Provision Fund. Learn more.

Early access

As an investor you would naturally get access to your money in line with borrower repayments. If you need access to your money sooner, you may like to know that on average investors have released their investment within 24 hours. Learn more.

Key facts

  • Launched in the UK in 2010
  • First globally to launch a Provision Fund
  • First globally to launch an easy access product
  • First to pursue a diversified lending strategy
  • Launched in Australia in 2014
  • FCA regulated since 2014
  • Founding provider of loan portfolio and returns data to Brismo in 2015, a major boost to industry transparency
  • Became a member of the Finance & Leasing Association in 2016
  • Track record on returns: 100% track record of delivering exactly the return expected (past performance is not a guarantee of future performance)
  • Track record on liquidity: track record of delivering liquidity on average within 1 day (past performance is not a guarantee of future performance)
  • Private company
  • Team of over 200 people, based in London and Leicester
  • Winner of the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in 2019, the most prestigious business awards in the UK

Executive Committee

Rhydian Lewis | Chief Executive Officer

Oversees strategy, manages the Executive Committee and represents RateSetter with external stakeholders. Rhydian founded RateSetter to provide a new investment choice that sits between savings and shares. He has pioneered innovations including the Provision Fund model, which makes investing simple and relatively low risk. He was awarded an OBE for innovation in financial services, specifically with regard to opening up access to returns to everybody. Prior to RateSetter, he spent six years at the financial advisory and asset management firm Lazard.


Harry Russell | Chief Finance Officer

Oversees finance, compliance and HR. Harry joined RateSetter from KPMG, where he spent seven years in their financial and operational restructuring team. Prior to that, he spent three years in the audit team at PwC, where he qualified as a Chartered Accountant.


Kate Hartley | Head of Compliance

Oversees all compliance and regulatory matters in relation to the RateSetter platform and company.  Kate has over 20 years’ experience in the consumer credit marketplace at Pepper and GE Capital.


Jon Hodge | Chief Operating Officer

Oversees the RateSetter technology and operations platform and supports the wider operating quality and efficiency of the business. Jon is a Chartered Accountant and worked in the Financial Services & Corporate Finance teams at PwC, having begun his career in the British Army.


Mario Lupori | Chief Investments Officer

Oversees the investor side of the RateSetter platform, responsible for product, distribution, marketing and customer management. Mario has over 10 years’ experience in financial services at NewDay and Barclaycard.


Michael Hoare | Chief Credit Officer

Oversees credit policy, decisioning and analytics for the RateSetter platform, as well as anti-fraud measures. Mike joined RateSetter from PayPal UK, where he was Chief Credit Officer, before which he worked at Capital One.


Peter Behrens | Chief Lending Officer

Oversees the borrower side of the RateSetter platform, responsible for borrower origination and strategy. Before co-founding RateSetter, Peter trained and practised as a lawyer at Ashurst and worked as a banker at RBS.

Women in finance

RateSetter supports the Women in Finance Charter, which is a pledge for gender balance across financial services. We signed this in early 2017. We do this because we believe in the value of diversity and equality of opportunity, alongside our belief in meritocracy and always trying to choose the best person for the job. Currently, around one third of those in senior management positions at RateSetter are women and we aim to ensure this level does not drop below a quarter at any time over the next five year period.


The Board consists of the Executive Directors Rhydian Lewis, Peter Behrens and Harry Russell and the Non-Executive Directors listed below.


Paul Manduca | Chairman

Paul chairs the Board at RateSetter. He is also Chairman of Prudential plc. His career in asset management included founding Threadneedle Asset Management and serving as CEO at both Rothschild Asset Management and Deutsche Asset Management. As a non-executive, Paul has held senior positions in both financial services and other sectors, including at WM Morrison. He also chairs the Advisory Council of TheCityUK. Paul joined the RateSetter Board in June 2017 and became Chairman in July 2017.


Ian Boyce | Non-Executive Director

Ian held a number of senior positions in Hong Kong before his return to the UK in 2014. He was CEO of Schroders Asia and later Non-Executive Chairman of Schroder Investment Management (HK), Chairman of a substantial family office, a non-executive director of CLP Holdings, and Deputy Chairman of Hong Kong & Shanghai Hotels and a member of its Audit Committee. Ian joined the RateSetter Board in July 2014.


Stuart Bridges | Chair of Audit Committee

Stuart is the Chief Financial Officer at Control Risks, the specialist risk consultancy. Prior to joining Control Risks he was the Chief Financial Officer at Nex Group (previously ICAP) which he joined after some sixteen years as Chief Financial Officer at Hiscox. Before Hiscox, Stuart held positions in various financial services companies in the UK and the US including Janus Henderson Investments. A chartered accountant, he has an MA in engineering from Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge. Stuart is a Non-Executive director and chair of the audit committee of Caledonia Investments plc and a member of the Finance Committee of the Royal Institution. Stuart joined the RateSetter Board in September 2018.



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