Complaints data.


Continually improving the service we offer and reducing the number of complaints we receive is very important to us. We regularly review the information we have about your complaints, which helps us to understand how we can make improvements.

Why we publish

The FCA require us to provide this information directly to them as well as on our own website, just as other firms have to. This data can be used as an indicator of how well we're serving our customers, for comparison purposes and also demonstrates the improvements we're making to reduce the number of complaints we receive.


Firm Name:


Group (If Applicable):    

 Retail Money Market Limited

Other firms included in this report (If any):


Period covered in this report:

01 October 2018 – 31 March 2019

Brands/Trading names covered:




Number of complaints opened by volume of business


Product / Service

Provision (at reporting period end date)*

Interme- diation (within the
reporting period)*

Number of complaints opened

Number of complaints closed

Percentage closed within
3 days

Percentage closed after
3 days but
8 weeks

Percentage upheld

Main cause of complaints opened


16.5 per 1000 client accounts

Per 1000 sales or equivalent transactions






General admin / Customer Service

What we publish 

Every 6 months we publish the number of customer complaints we've received for the previous half year. We also put these figures into context using the type of products complained about.


The following definitions have been used in the assembling of this data:

Number of complaints opened - This includes all complaints received during the reporting period of 1st October 2018 to 31st March 2019.

Number of complaints closed - A complaint is deemed closed once RateSetter has issued its final decision or the customer has indicated that they accept our response.

Complaints closed within eight weeks - This includes complaints which were closed within eight weeks of the date of receipt.

Complaints upheld by firm - This includes complaints where RateSetter agreed with the customer that their complaint was justified, either in whole or in part. We may have offered redress, where appropriate.